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Well, they wont take your guitar man, you just wont be able to buy them, and PRS will get a hefty fine outta it. I mean, yea it sucks, but i can definitly see the logic. When i first saw the with arms wide open video, the debut of the PRS Tremonti, i thought for a while that it was a gibson les paul, cuz i know tremonti played one on the My Own Prison album/tour and didnt get a PRS endorsment til after that. See, since the PRS Single Cut looks identical to the Gibson les paul, thats a problem because in my opinion the PRS Sounds a lot better, and is cheaper than a les paul. That creates problems for gibson because people buy les pauls for the looks/name as much as the sound, and if the PRS sounds better and looks the same, and is fractionally cheaper, that means that gibson is gonna lose 1000-3000 dollars every time a PRS Single Cut is sold to someone that used to buy gibson les pauls because they were the only guitar that looked that way, and had that body style. Now, as with Epiphone, they are a cheap korean rip off of the Gibson les pauls, more like the generic brand, they dont have that good of wood, their sound is much worse than a gibson lp, and they sport bolt on necks instead of neck through, which, neck through makes the guitar sustain a note a lot better. That is the whole problem with PRS, because PRS didnt ask permission to use the body style, and i believe they sound a lot better and look a lot better than les pauls, and apparently gibson doesnt like that idea very much!
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