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Iím lost in the world of the found,
My mind revolving with confusion,
Lonely-yet surrounded.
I take a step closer to the found,
But I am forced back to the lost.
Iím not even with the other souls that are lost,
No, just dreadfully alone under the blackened sky,
And the paled shrunken sun called the moon.

Black demons with long slithery crimson tongues attack,
Their agile talons surging ever so near,
Their claws grasping through the flesh I own,
The long beaked incisor teethed figureó
Crunching away.

Still alone, still lost, Still now with the found.

The long alleyway grows narrow,
With each step the shadows close in even fiercer,
Behind-to the sides-awaiting ahead of me.
I slop the soles of my feet against the rotted marble pavement and go on.
Long muffling growls arise from ahead-
To where I am heading-
Around the corner to the right I go.
Talon again on my flesh-
Gripping and grasping my barren arm away-
Taking all that I have left in my heart and soul.

Still alone, still lost, still not with the found.

I pull out everything I have,
My strength, my will, bravery and courage.
I attack the corner-
The black slithery demons.
I bare my teeth and nip for release-
But to no avail-
No success.

Still alone, still lost, still not with the found.

One last chance is given upon me.
I kneel down before the charging creature,
Put my palms before me,
My soul almost gone.
I weep,
Tears flooding from the corner of my sorrowful eyes.
I rest my head on the cruel pavement,
The smell of marble invading my nostrils.

A last chance fading away with the time that coincides with it.
Will, braver, courage, strength are all lies that get me nowhere.
I pour all my faith up to the billions of stars in the blackened sky-
Where the creature does not lay-
Peace, unity, clarity, tranquility, serenity, love, companionship, and true hearts do.

No longer alone,
No longer lost,
No longer facing the vile black slithery clawed creature,
As I pray the rest of what I have left to the Lord.
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