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I'm not surprised. Like RMadd already said, celebrities are so full of themselves, they think they can tell the regulars, the average joes, who to vote for. It's insulting that Vedder insulted those who voted for Bush. I'm not old enough to vote, but if I was, I would have cast my vote for Bush. I'm not ashamed to say that. Everyone who voted for Bush had a reason. Some did it on the basis of morals and religion; some did it on the basis of how he's lead(and I'm not saying he's a great leader, or anything. I was against the Iraq war from day 1). Not everyone who voted for Bush is a homophobic red-neck who only has a 8th grade education and is therefore deemed "stupid" by the public. The College educated, the really smart people of this country, voted for Bush. Vedder's comment, I'm sure, is a bit upsetting to those who gave their vote to Bush. I'd also imagine that it might alienate those Pearl Jam fans who voted for Bush. Bottom line is, Vedder(and all the other celebrities) need to shut their mouths and stay out of this country's elections. It's just a bad idea for them and causes them to lose some fans.
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