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man, you shoulda posted this in the "useless thoughts" thread or something.
eddie vedder is really full of shit. he's so full of himself, as are most other celebrities. they think that the buck stops at (with) them and that all of us commoners want to be just like them and should, therefore, possess the same extreme opinions as them. unfortunately for them, last time i checked, the US Protectorate of La-La Land doesn't have any votes in the elctoral college.
another thing these celebrities don't realize that it's possible that their extremely horrid villification of our president possibly drove a greater number of us nutjob, southern, gun-toting, homophobic, incestuous, Bible-waving nuts to the polls in support of the more neo-conservative candidate of the two. America's decision is America's decision. these are the rules for electing a chief executive that we've lived by for 200 years, so if you don't like our rules, get out. i, for one, would be more than happy to disenfranchise Hollywood lol.

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