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Re: This is not my day!

seems like every one is having some adventures all around ..hmmm ... let me see.... yeh.... a 10 inch grasshopper attacked me a few hours ago., i was at the terrace and this thing came out from under the chair..... yukh...but yeh, no bid deal... and yeh, 2 of my office collegues attacked me on..hmm... tuesday, i was sitting late at work, it was around 8:30 -pm, i was in the computer hall doing some work there and the office is deserted at that time......and those 2 bastard with whome i exchange a lot of "polite" things now and then, rushed in and grabed me then tried to tie me to the chair,those fuc**rs, but i got lucky, i guess, i kicked one in the stomach to drag him away, while i pushed the other moron to a side and ran my ass out to the main hall.......with my tie and shirt hanging out at odd places.... damn! ... have to settle the score soon..... i guess they were pissed off cause i call them TAX-HOLES, hehe...they work in the tax department
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