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Quote: (Originally Posted by BearFan) i love pod, but to be honest, truby just ain't the same as marcos. marcos kicked ass, plain and simple. truby's more of a jazz guitarist, whereas marcos was all about heavy metal stylings.

Yeah, I know what you're saying, but I like Truby's jazz/classic rock sound better than the heavy metal/rock-rap style that Marcos lead the band with. I'll love hearing more of Truby's acoustic stuff too.

Oh, I also heard that Truby wrote the lyrics for P.O.D.'s new song on the Passion of the Christ album. It's said to be one of there best in awhile so I'm glad he's writing stuff for P.O.D. now.
"So Save Me
Well I don't know...Know myself
And I've been on this side alone
What's beyond it?"
- "Save Me" (Alter Bridge)

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