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Quote: (Originally Posted by no_fixd_address) No, Jester has proven time and time again he is not interested in meaningful discussion, and by the looks of your attitude, neither are you. It is not a false accusation to call Jester a Nazi, because most of his posts reflect Nietzsche philosophy, I am sorry the truth disturbs you. Read Nietzsche for yourself. Based on the pattern of history, this kind of anti-humanism has begun with the slaughter of the unborn. Catholics are next on the hit list. Look at the anti-Catholic movement in America. Itís pre-WWII Germany all over again.
He has time to make inflammatory and insulting posts, but no time to be accountable or back up his lies??

You mean to buy one in the black market. Move to Canada, you get money from the Childrenís Family Services

What does that have to do with anything? Are you crazy or what? Maybe you are referring to Natural Family Planning, where the couple is continent for 4 days a month. BTW, couples who use contraception have a 50% divorce rate. Couples who practice NFP have a divorce rate of 3%.

This kind of statement reflects ignorance and bigotry on your part.

If condoms HELP prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease with CONSENDING ADULTS, why no use them?

Now your being ridiculous. Look at the blaring evidence. Every place on the planet where condoms are introduced the unwanted pregnancy rate and diseases skyrocket. How many studies and statistics would it take to convince you?

Okay.. so Jester just denounces Christianity. Why on Godís Green Earth should You really care. Jester has become educated and has himself become an Atheist. So, do you assume that because he is an Atheist that Iím now one too? Are you people that closed minded.?.

NakedSmurf got banned, and he came back as Anarkist. Duh! Hello? I come here to discuss faith/religion. That is the name of the forum in case you didnít notice. I did not come to discuss non-faith and anti-religion with over-grown children who don't know how to communicate.

Now you might say, Ohh heís now an Atheist Ė heís now a Bad Parent. Excuse Me? You donít know Jester and You Donít know ME. By all the posts Iíve read (and letís just say, I read almost every single one of your posts back and forth) You accuse and Judge without even knowing. Now when it comes to religious Ideas, yeah Jester is stating his findings so one can assume ideas. Same with you. You post your web-links, but then you go on to bash Jester and bash other authors that are backing up these IDEAS.

You mean the silly tantrums of the atheist guru Richard Carrier that got flattened by Dave Armstrong?


Now that is a subject worth debating. Truth can never be relative or subjective. And you know a tree by its fruits. Like the fruits of atheism. Hitler, Stalin, MaoÖ the list goes on. Great contributors to humanity, eh?

That means you are anti-Christian. Pseudo-Christian? You mean post-Christian. You admit to being like a plant that has had very little water. For someone who went to college I would think you could spell "sudo" properly.

One doesnít need to believe in a religion to have MORAL Values. There are many people present day as well in the past who were not religious and had moral values. Isnít there a golden rule that says, ďDo onto others as you would have them do onto you.Ē Or are you trying to say that only Christian people (or shall I say on Catholics) have moral values.???

Having moral values without the Christian origins of moral values is like seeing a sled travel after it has gone down a hill, but not seeing the hill. Then you say, ďLook at that sled going on its own power.Ē It doesn't mean others can't have moral values. None ever said they could not. You need a spank for inventing non-existing arguments.

It is absurd to have moral values without a standard to go by. That standard is God. The only other standard left is ultimatley determined by the state. The glaring facts of history have proven this over and over again.

See above. It is Nazi/Planned Parenthood operating in the UN promoting condoms and INDIRECTLY spreading diseases. THE SYSTEM HAS FAILED.

Since when does a philosophy have anything to do with physical appearance? Anarkist comes in here with insulting inflammatory remarks, and when he gets back a tiny taste of his own medicine, he whines and you come in here with guns blazing. You need a spank.

QUOTE: Ē**** you, **** you very much.Ē
You are infantile and hypocritical.

Not me, I was an RPN. All ruckus aside, I hope your delivery goes well.


Reading this post makes me think......

Why is it that you say Jester was NakedSmurf and got banned and came back as Anarkist? I'm NakedSmurf - now IvyFairy. I'm a Female, 24 - thank you. Not a male and 23. See when I create another account and start making similar posts; I can at least admit that I'm that second person. (Justin-Time and you use the same type of words and use the same name-calling technique -- not to mention the same post structure and color.) True My last two posts as NakedSmurf I called someone a female dog. Apparently - Antonio - a friend of mine signed on AS ME and posted stuff under my name. I noticed it and told Antonio to stop being a butthead and if he wanted to start crap to sign up on his own account. (You guys couldn't tell the difference? I tend to use punctuation and try to spell things correctly.) Setting all of that aside.

Secondly, You must like to read way too much into things. You still don't know me and all you are doing is attacking and trying to put words in peopleís mouth. You seem to be really good at that. I mention how much it is to adopt a child and you go off on a tangent about buying and selling children on the black market. So, I also see that you think its okay to call someone a Nazi. Wouldn't that be that same thing if I called you a fag? Well, since you are a member of the Catholic Church then I'm sure it's true that you molest little boys. (See how ridiculous this is? Or are you just all up in arms that I actually said the word FAG...?) See it's easy to make assumptions on people if they say they are an Atheist, Catholic, Methodist, Buddhist, Etc. It doesn't mean that assumptions are true. You buy into stereotypes and that is a sad sad thing.

So, let me get this straight. If someone is Pro-Choice and Pro-Birth control they are now a Nazi? Talk about a Right-Winged EXTREMEIST.

Next are you going to say that since I have to have a C-Section that I'm going to hell because I cannot have my child naturally? Next are you going to say that since I'm having a Tubal-Ligation that I'm a Nazi because itís a form of Birth control? Next are you going to say that someone that is in-fertile is a Nazi because they cannot have children? Don't you see how ridiculous this is?

I make statements in my original posts, and I've asked questions. When you Quote a question (that was set forth) you don't answer it or give a thought on it, you just accuse and attack and assume. You know what assuming does right?

It makes an ASS out of U and ME.