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Time for change I guess, Just like STP

I've seen Creed here in Houston 3 times. The 1st 2 shows were good but the 3rd show without the original bass player sucked. Scott Stapp's ego has killed them. I checked out the "Mayfield Four's" web site (the singer from this band will be taking over the singing duties with Creed's former instrumentalists and he is great. I also checked out the "Tea party" website
that has the instrumentalists that Scott Stapp has been working with and I have to say They are not as good, So mister Scott has screwed up big time.
When they let their original bassist go the music went to hell. He had a lot to do with their sound. Mark was smart to go back with him. Creeds 3rd album sucked. Alter Bridge is going to ROCK!!
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