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ABRocks Contest winner?

If anyone was wondering who the Grand Prize contest winner of that amazing Alterbridge Rocks contest... well it was ME!

Anyways, I got that message and all the day the contest ended about last month, but i Just got the box of goodies yesterday! (main prize being Mortly Tremonti Power Wah)
In fact i got it on my way to guitar lessons (which I have every week,) There we opened it up and I set it to one of their crazy huge profesional $2000 Amps where serious ass was kicked.

Anyways the pedal itself is amazing, its so clean, crisp and full of ass kicking its insane. Its got all these features and shit, plus being a "REAL" and high quality power wah, its great for me to have considering ive always wanted one but could never really afford to buy one.
Anyways like I said the Wah was MUCH better then I expected, it pritty much makes everything cool about guitar playing 10x cooler, now i can do alot more stuff which i couldnt do before, and since the wah is such good quality, it can do it even better then ever.

I took like 12 pictures of the goodies I won so enjoy.

here is the box it came in (outside)

The box after I tore it open to pieces (inside)

Classified section from milwaukee!

One of the classifies! So many stores for grabs!

The super sexy Tremonti power wah

My old pedal has just been owned

Move over left foot, right foot just got a new best friend

The back of the pedal with a sticker I got with the pakage

The logo of the pedal

Extra stickers and stuff I got

The T shirt that came with it

My shezzy guitar

and the final most greatest part of the entire pakage, you have to see it to belvie it...

PLUS i actually got a Signed Autographed Single CD from the entire band But steve forgot to include it in the pakage so i have to wait a week or so till i get it.


- Plus incase you have No idea what im talking about, the contest is here
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