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Jason Truby's solo album out online TODAY before it hits stores later this year!!!

Jason Truby - String Theory CD
Truby played an amazing array of guitars including: McGill, Ryan, Charis, Breedlove, Lowden, Langejans, Pimentel, Godin reso, and Sitar and used an incredible recording process to capture them. You'll hear the true personality of each instrument as if it were alive through gorgeous, dark melodies, and Jason's skilled guitar playing.


Track Listing:

1. More Than We Are
2. Eastern Philosophy
3. Immersed
4. Beyond These Hands
5. Breath For the Drowning
6. Fleeting Allegro
7. Calm the Anxious Heart
8. And Man Became A Living Being...
9. Harmonic Helix
10. Light With No Shadow
11. Going Back Under (Reprise)
12. Snow in Mid-November
13. Close Your Eyes To Me
14. Consider the Tides
15. Caught In a Moment
16. 24 Hours in Seville
17. Breathtakingly Close
18. Divine Portion
19. Daydreaming
20. Once and For All
21. The Mission and the Dilemma
22. Acoustic Spirals
23. Addicted
24. Back to the Struggle
"So Save Me
Well I don't know...Know myself
And I've been on this side alone
What's beyond it?"
- "Save Me" (Alter Bridge)

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