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P.O.D.'s Truby to release guitar solo record (Sept. 04)

Source: P.O.D. E-news


Next month, P.O.D. guitarist, Jason Truby will release a stunning 24 song solo
acoustic record titled, “String Theory.” The record will be launched exclusively
through the P.O.D. on line store BEFORE it hits stores later this year.

For you guitar freaks, Truby played a remarkable nineteen guitars including
McGill, Ryan, Charis, Breedlove, Lowden, Langejans, Pimentel, Godin reso, and

“String Theory” was produced using a patent pending recording technique that
captured some of the most ground breaking acoustic sounds ever recorded. Gorgeous,
dark melodies, and mind blowing guitar playing...

A MUST HAVE for P.O.D. fans and guitar aficionados.

Release date announced in the NEXT email.............................

Following the release, Truby will appear in the top guitar magazines around
the world. And you haven’t already picked it up, check out Truby in the guitar
legend book, “BETWEEN THE STRINGS - The Secret Lives of Guitars” by John August
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