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Quote: (Originally Posted by Shadow) Good morning mushroomy - stay safe from Charley.

Scott, I'm sure, will be getting alot of criticism just like he always does. I can just hear the anti-Stapp fans now. It's a shame because it just feels like there will always be a division between Mark's fans and Scott's fans.

Scott has poured out his heart the past few weeks. Everything is so much clearer now as to what really went on, especially during the Weathered tour.

I hope Scott has found the peace he's looking for and I hope he is happy.

There is a saying that 'everything comes full circle'. I still believe years down the road that Scott and Mark will reunite. Eventually, something will bring them back together.

Thanks for posting that, Shadow. A great read indeed.

I too am glad Scott's talking again and has come out of what he's been going through. I can't wait to hear his solo album.

I think Mark and Scott will get back together again some day too. Hell, if Van Halen can reunite so can Creed.
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