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Re: Music Recommendations?

Anything from Pink Floyd - The division bell, or A momentry Lapse of reason.
If your too lazy to do that then get
Coming back to life, lost for words, or learning to fly. Actuallu just get them all.

Anything from Rammstein - Rosenrot or Reise Reise / Mutter.
If your to lazy to get entire albums then get.
Stein Um Stein, Wo bist du, Reise Reise, Hilf Mir, Sonne, Amour, Halleluja.
Actually every single song they have is good, every song but Stripped, that song does not exist.

At the moment, my play list has 80 songs, 40 or so pink floyd 40 or so rammstein and 2 creed songs.
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