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Quote: (Originally Posted by Steve) What do you mean by this? Do you mean that Nader winning is a joke, or that Nader himself is a joke? If Bush was not running, I would probably vote for Nader. He is very intelligent, has very good ideas, and I think would do a lot of good for this country.

I meant his campaign is a joke. He doesn't have a chance. Actually, not even Kerry has a chance.

I think Nader should run for another position: governor, mayor or senator. After he got a decent base, then he should run for president. Take a step at a time. He should make himself better known and more trustable. Or he could get a position like Colin Powell's, to be in the public's eye all the time.

I don't think he'll get as many votes as he got in 2k, and yet, he'll "steal" Kerry's votes.

I have a question:

Would be possible for him to join Kerry and run as a vice-president? Or any other of the pre-candidates such Edwards? It would make democrats stronger, I think...
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