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First off, as it stands, Open Your Eye's has not been commercially released [unless I missed the memo] so you should not be able to buy it yet. Think of these online music stores like your local record store, If you can walk in there and find, then you'll find them there. So dont expect to find rarities, bootlegs, or anything that you're better off getting illegally. I use both, so far I havent had any problems sending my money there. I recommend using the paypal one because PayPal offers more security. You need to open a PayPal account [totally free] and submit the CC or bank acount you will be using. The free version of PayPal will limit you to only two payment methods (i.e - 1 CC/1 BA :: 2 CC :: 2 BA) and depending on which you choose will depend on how fast you get your goods. If you go with a bank acount you can send an e-check which will clear within a week. If you go with a credit card it will be instant. PayPal is really easy to use, I highly recommend it and its totally safe. I dont know what I6 is.... for some reason I am drawing a blank.

As for the CD thing, you are having trouble ripping CDs and daving them into you're harddrive. Right? Well record companies have installed security features to prevent people from ripping CDs. When you first pop in one of these CDs, it will load some drivers preventing all CD ripped from reading it. Luckily [w00t!] Windows has a built in troubleshooting feature that prevents drivings from being loaded. Just hold the SHIFT key as you pop in the CD. Dont let go until your default player start playing the CD. Once thats all done, just open the ripper and go at it. If this is not what you meant, then please clarify and I'll ge the hamster rollin on your solution.

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