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Quote: (Originally Posted by Jooji_2) I guess I should end the torture....though I was such's my last idea. "We Have No Name and No Singer....But we are sure we are gonna kick butt" I know...its kinda long......and its a pretty confident you think it might make them look like they are arrogant and have huge egos?

I have to admit though, some of you here have proved my point. Just remember the insults and replies that you think are so funny....they can go both ways.

Well how about "Take a Stapp back" ?
Just popped in my mind when I read Velocityidp's thread

they float like the memories I've opened,
and kiss all the butterflies I've broken,
their wings to the coat of my misfortune,
to reach the plains only I have spoken...

The Path ~by~ ManMade God
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