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This happen to me yesterday but I got payback:

Well I was at my swim at this school in West Bloomfeild MI.. We were rushing to get our suits and warmup and everything and I left my paints in there (by mistake). Well, the lucky thing was when the meet was over and I went back to change my clothes I couldn't find my paints with my wallet in it in my bag. Anyways I found them and looked at my back pockets of my paints and thought I was the luckiest guy alive that I still had my wallet but then when I looked in it all of my $15 was gone and $240 dollars in Best Buy gifts cards were gone (I was going to put the Best Buy gift cards out of my wallet and in my room but I kept forgeting). So, what Best Buy said they could do is that they could cancel those cards if I have the receipt with the confirmination number on it and I will be issued new ones with the same amount in 6 weeks. So, I called my Aunt & Uncle, my Gandma & Grandpa and my mom had her receipt (I had a total of three gift cards 1 $100, 2 $70) so luckily I got Best Buy to cancel them and issue new ones to me in 6 weeks with the same amount (luckily that haven't use any amount on them yet). I still got like $15 taken away but thats better I think then $240 in Best Buy gift cards.

See I will never do that to someone not if my life depended on it because that is just wrong, but that proves a point don't trust anyone because you never know what will happen.

*Side Statement*
To those kids who stole them, and my money if you read these you will not be able to spend them and I hope Best Buy thinks they are stolen because it will say canclled on their computers and they call the cops and the catch you and lock you up for about 3 days to teach you a lesson!!!
*Side Statement*

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