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Ok so this story takes place back in the 7th grade. Back round info- i move frequently and I had moved into the area like a year or two before and was just coming out of a bout of depression, also I do well in school. ok thats all you need to know for this. Well anyway. I had this friend who turned out to be two-faced as could be. The kid would trash me for being smart when i wasnt around, and he would make fun of the way i talked, how smart i was (goody two shoes and shit like thast) and he called my best friend gay. I lost it. After a couple of verbal confrontations he decided to take it a few levels up. He decided to wait for me outside of school with some kind of weapon. I never found out because the principals found out what had been going on and got invovled. They luckily called the police in, originally to settle the manner but ended up taking the kid into custody. The thing that makes it so funny is that the cop that picked the kid up, was the kid's dad. I have not seen him since and that was like4 or 5 years ago. Unfortunately I dont have the same skills as Mullet.
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