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Quote: (Originally Posted by uncertaindrumer) You really are starting to amuse me... Is it so important to you that you think your arguments have won? I still haven't even FOUND any serious arguments from you, except for your "oscillating universe" theory, if it can be called a theory

why should I sit here and refute areguments that have already been refuted?? can you use google?? I had to do it myself even when researching arguments you guys made here I researched above and beyond what you put out. or I just could do what no_fixed_address did and post link after link to endless sites sighting my point of view that you will dismiss because the person writing the papaer wasn't a chirstian (which is a fallacy I might add) I just ask people to review the facts. make up your own damn mind... hey at least you did it honestly and may have learned something along the way.


oscillating universe

In astronomy, theory stating that the gravitational attraction of the mass within the universe will eventually slow down and stop the expansion of the universe. The outward motions of the galaxies will then be reversed, eventually resulting in a ‘Big Crunch’ where all the matter in the universe will be contracted into a small volume of high density. This could undergo a further Big Bang, thereby creating another expansion phase. The theory suggests that the universe would alternately expand and collapse through alternate Big Bangs and Big Crunches.
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