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Quote: (Originally Posted by Agent D) Yeah, that's very interesting. I wonder what all that's about.

I'm not really happy about this news. Mark, Brian, and Flip look like money-hungry hypocrites unless they were coerced into this by Stapp and Wind-Up (which Myles's comment above seems to suggest). Also, it's really weird that a new album is all of a sudden slated for release. Really? A new Creed album? Who exactly wrote all of that music? How much did Tremonti and co. write? Isn't it creatively exhaustive to be working on a third Alter Bridge album and now suddenly, they're doing another Creed album? It's all extremely strange.

I guess I can kiss Alter Bridge goodbye too, no matter what anyone says.
Im sure Alter Bridge will still be around after the reunion is over with.
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