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Re: AB III leaked

Quote: (Originally Posted by Buried And Gone) Scott Stapp of 2000 maybe. The Scott Stapp of today can't do anything to help this album. I don't think Freddie Murcurey could save this album, even if he dawned rainbow shorts.
Not Freds Division, As Of Right Now, But Later On Will Enter Thats Freddie Mercury, Here We Are, My Friends, THE CHAMPIONS OF THE UNIVERSE, Freddie Past THE, Test The First Time, alot of us our drawn to many to pass the first one, I Have FAITH IN YA,s ........ its hard to forget the band, That WROTE, Ranger JIM Dude, That Wrote Just Close Your Eyes, And Imagine EVERYTHINGS ALRIGHT, The WORD, CREED, is a word that has a defintion , of tribes but to round a short Meaning Or Context, IT DOES, MEAN LONG, Patients And Streneth Will Overtake All Fears, love all the misconceptions, everytime, i look at ya,s gotta pull out The Webster... i,ve learned so much through the years from ya,s......thats the truth so help me lord, PEACE BE WITH US,
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