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Re: AB III leaked

Quote: (Originally Posted by nagpo) I'm not going to clusterfuck the thread with "Durr stapp sucks and myles is better" and vice-versa type talk. But here is what I thought of the album:

I just listened through my first play through...and well my first impressions are.....this album was terrible. The song writing was all over the place. None of the songs were very interesting. I feel like Tremonti and Kennedy need to go to a song writing class. I mean...For musicians that have been around for so many years and have had a high degree of success in some standard, this coming out of them now is pretty mediocre. The two songs released before the album was, Words Darker than their wings and Isolation, are the only good songs on the album.

I mean, what were they thinking when they wrote this stuff. Have they completely lost their minds? This is abysmal.

Even Full Circle was better than this. BlackBird and ODR are better than this. The three previous creed albums are better than this. Musically, this just doesn't make any sense, this album.

What. The. Hell. Happened?

The album is pretty bad. Isolation and WDTTW are AMAZING. but ALL of the other songs aren't very good at all. It will grow on me i'm sure. But i love WDTTW and Isolation on the first listen. None of the songs are very catchy. Also, we were told this album would be dark and heavy. It is neither.

Go the TABN forum and there is a poll for responses and a great deal of people have this album at a 4-5. Litterally like 20% of voters chose "Utter Perfection". I'd ask them to explain how that is. But I don't feel like smelling Tremo's balls right now. I'll wait untilo some of them brush their teeth.
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