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Re: AB III leaked

Quote: (Originally Posted by nagpo) I'm the opposite of you on this matter. I think Full Circle was a much better album. And if two bands is too much to handle and we have to give one up, I'd say give up AB. Why? Creed has a legacy. For better or for worse, Creed has a name for itself in the industry. And the reunion album was pretty decent. AB has no such name. Nobody, other than their fans, cares about or even knows about AB. Just my 2cents.

I wasn't disagreeing on the fact that the guys should concentrate on Creed, because I do believe they should continue on with Creed. Full Circle is one of my favourite records and it was a breath of fresh air with Mark's acoustic intro's, bridge's and outro's. AB III is really good as well but mainly for the Mark's riffs, Brian's deep heavy bass and Flip's quick twitch drumming. Too bad Scott Stapp didn't record on this album but Creed CAN do better, so I'm hopeful about Creed's next album.
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