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Re: AB III leaked

I'm all in favour of Alter Bridge continuing but there will be points like these that will happen alot if Mark, Brian & Flip go back & forth between AB & Creed. To make matters more frustrating, Myles will want to do his own stuff and Mark has his own solo stuff for eventual I guess what I'm really saying is something will have to give, either Creed or AB. Love them both but this has got to be such a pain and if not now it may be in the future. Full Circle broke some new ground for Creed. It surprised the many doubters as it was heavier than the older albums, and it's what you would expect with the same Guitarist in both similar sounding bands. But the music "fan" masses(even the one's whom are knowledgeable about music) still see Creed as Nickelback, which I don't get and it's a total insult. Anyways...AB III is superb but I still find myself thinking this is a Creed album because if you took out Myles, this album would have a different feel, vibe and different lyrics of course, it would have been a continuation of Creed's evolution. AB is going in circles...they've come full circle...supposed to be humorous.
W'eve Come Full Circle...
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