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Re: God's not guilty

Quote: (Originally Posted by RalphyS) So who created this evil force? I always understood that only God was eternal and in the beginning there was only God, so if that evil force didn't create itself and how could it do that, it has to be created (maybe as a side-effect) by God?

Some say there can be no good without evil, but God wants us all to be good, so I don't get it. Than there is the matter of free will, but if God is omnipotent, omniscient, he does know now whether an unborn child will make the wrong choice in the future, for which it will eventually spend an eternity in hell. To let the child be born than would that not constitute the biggest evil.

You took what I said out of context. If you go back and read all of it, I said that God created all things to work for us, I was wrong in that statement. He created all things to work for him. God did not create the evil force, he created the Angel that would become that force.
Again, I have already aswered your question about free will. The whole thousand years thing. To God there is no time. Only existence.brb
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