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No. Alter Bridge made a new band, with new music, they did not find a new lead singer to play Creed songs.
Be upset that the band broke up? Sure. Be hurt. Lots of people were and a lot of people are. Thats the whole point. And how does it make people feel better to feel hurt? Thats an oxymoron, its impossible.
Its not that they are with other people. AB is making NEW music. Stapp is making new music, but I cant understand why he's playing Creed songs at this point in time. If he wanted to do it for the Creed fans, why didnt he write a new song, and make it sound like Creed? Thats what aB did with OYE and others on ODR.
i dont know what else to say. Ive explained it the best I can. Unless youre intentionally not understanding my side. In which case, I give up. I'm not asking you to agree, nor would I ever expect you to.


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