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Um....I took this picture...U calling me a liar Lechium?

The only thing that my friend unfortunately manipulated is the blue in the big one. she took it up a stop for affect, but I dont think it needed it cos it is a real pic and its a great pic as is.

We thought it would be cute to use the bible verse, H-D, cos the verse says that when Jesus returns there will be signs in the sky. It was just a cute thing to say.

People take it different ways, but this is the first time it has been accused of as fake. That just upsets me, and there's no way I can prove it which annoys me. I could if U lived in Australia cos I could show U the negs! But then U probably wouldn't believe me anyway!

It is my picture, and I did take it. And I'm proud of it. And like Jesus Himself, I know it's real so say what U want!
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