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ummm something is shifty around here because what the AB boys have stated and what scott has stated doesn't match very well. but a tumour and he still went on and JHMP knew?

evidence of how things don't add up;

"Scott and I hadn't been close for a while," Tremonti said, "and things just weren't working out. ... None of us really argued amongst each other. It was always Scott who had the problem."

"It was personal," he says. Singer "Scott [Stapp] separated himself from us. At one time, we were his closest friends. But put people in a bus for years and little things about us just rubbed him the wrong way."

MTV: Mark and Scott Phillips said your differences were personal as well as musical. No one could get along with you.

Stapp: That's not true. There wasn't a fight. There was just no communication [between us]. I had all these health problems, and I isolated myself, and to be honest with you, I didn't feel like anyone cared about anything but making money and touring.

"The arguments between Scott and Brian would escalate, and there was nothing I could do to defend him after a while," Tremonti says.

(its also being stated that brian and scott didn't get on and it was either one of those that would have to leave)

Stapp: Actually, that Pearl Jam thing had absolutely nothing to do with why Brian left the band. Brian left the band because if he didn't, I don't know if Brian would be here right now on this earth. I can't elaborate, but it was for his best interest at the time that he took a break. We always loved Brian and that was the hardest thing we ever had to do. We did that because we cared for him. I'm glad that he's all right now and everything's going good for him now.

something is not right.......
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