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Interesting Tremonti interview

Maybe I'm a bit slow and haven't cruised for a while, but stumbled accross this Tremonti interview. Quite a good read and mighty interesting with all the rumours / gossip / speculation surrounding Creeds future.

Interview dated 7th October.
Mark Has had an Interview With radio station 102.1 The Edge Dallas joining him was Jeff Lanehan from PRS Guitars, some key notes of the interview Mark stated Side projects are NOT happening, he has been taking time out producing and learning engineering. Feb they will be back into the studio for Creed's 4th album. The FULL Transcript

Joining us right now in the studio is Mark Tremonti of Creed and also Jeff Lanehan of Paul Reed Smith Guitars. How are you doing guys? M: Whatís happening?

Welcome to Dallas
M: Thank you very much.

Huge night tonight at the Guitar Center. Whatís going on? What are you here in town promoting?
M: Well we have a guitar, a Korean version of the guitar that we have from Paul Reed Smith thatís doing very well in the States here and weíre just on a little tour to promote it.

And Jeff how did you hook up with Mark? How did you guys get together on this? J: Basically Mark uh..
Came crawling to the doorstep ofÖ
J: No actually we worked together developing a model, a new model guitar that was you know similar to what Mark had been playing and he felt comfortable with and went forward from there, whatís sort of like his dream guitar technically and created a model.

And thatís something that people will actually be allowed to buy tonight and then youíll be signing those at Guitar Center?
M: Yeah weíll sign that or CDs or whatnotÖ

And everybody and their brother is invited to come out.
M: Of course

And just to make sure that people are aware, Mark Tremonti of Creed is going to be out at the Guitar Center tonight, thatís at 7:30 at *GC Address* And then, there was something else I wanted to ask you and Iím trying to find it right here. Have you heard, this is insanity, Iíve had like 327 emails from Creednet CreedINK, you have fans of the Creed Army of the United Arab Emirates. *Mark chuckles* Are you familiar withÖ
M: Nah nah, I havenít met any of the fans from there, itís great.

Itís amazing (Webmaster note: DJ got confused, she was meant to mention instead). Thatís where I got a lot of the information that was I was gonna ask you here today and so I wanted to make sure I gave them some props, cause itís like 2 in the morning there and theyíre listening and then we have people in Illinois, Alaska, Georgia, New York City. Iím still getting questions for you. Is that amazing
M: It is, it is.

Or is that weird, youíre a human being, but also youíre a famous human being and people are just throwing themselves at you.
M: Yeah itís weird just because weíve been off the road for about 8 months, we havenít really been in the scenes, this year with all the stuff thatís been going on, itís cool, you know, itís different.

Well I wanted to ask you, I was reading something, was there an incident, Iím not sure when this was, I mean, Creed has sold millions or records but there was a moment where you questioned your ability so you decided to get back into class, it was something to do with Buddy Guy?
M: Back into classÖ No, no, I played with Buddy Guy one night but Iím actually taking courses now for engineering.

Oh wow.
M: But um..

Do you know somebody named Troy?
M: Oh Troy Stetina. Yeah Troy Stetina, heís a buddy of mine, I looked up a lot to him when I was a kid, heís a guitar phenom.

Heís listening.
M: Yeah. What up

He gave me some dish. He said make sure to give that boy hell and ask him about his drumming tendencies. Apparently youíre a drummer with a hummer?
M: Oh yeah Iím learning to play the drums too. Yeah Troy, I looked up a lot to him when I was younger we hung out and you know he came down to Florida a couple times and showed me some things. Um heís got a band going and I tell them my ideas about their song ideas and whatnot, we just help each other out, you know.

He said your catchphrase was ďDo It Again, Do It AgainĒ.
M: Yeah Iím a nitpicker.

He actually has an EP and people can get that through his website
M: Yeah I think so.
And then youíre also wearing the producerís hat and thereís a Texas connection for a band called SubmerseD.
M: Yeah in January, I produced a band called SubmerseD Ė co produced with Kirk Kelsey uh for about 3 or 4 months and their albumís due out January.

And theyíre actually playing here. Iíve got a date for them. Submersed is gonna be playing with another Dallas band called Edgewater, itís gonna be at the Curtain Club on November 5th, is there any chance youíll come in for that?
M: Um Iíll probably be in the studio writing the next Creed record.

M: Yeah Iíve been travelling around Florida catching all their shows in Florida so uh theyíre getting better and better. I mean theyíre gonna be the next big rock band, I believe.

And what is the status for the next Creed record?
M: Uh. Hopefully weíll get in the studio by next February or March and get a record out hopefully by September.

And I keep hearing rumblings on a possible Mark Tremonti solo record, that you were thinking about it but youíre not really sure whatís going on with thatÖ
M: Um nah, I mean on the internet some of the kids thought that just because there was so much time taken off and I wanted to continue Ė keep staying busy. In my downtime, I just produced the record and just trying to learn the engineering, a few other things, but no solo project

Well let me play a little Creed. Can you hang out for a second?
M: Sure

And then we can take a few of these questions, Iíve got only 300 to get through here. Here is Creed, this is Are You Ready on 1021 The EdgeÖ
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