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Re: Favorite Year End Album

Quote: (Originally Posted by Sincirr) Hmmm perhaps we should do a top 10 fave album list...I will make one.

My last one I was listening to alot was that Dave Gilmore collaboration called musical spheres
hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm perhaps, how strange of me i know excatley where you are coming from .... sissy loves musical spheres, i,ll start it but i dont i dont have time today....i think it would be great for all, blessings and strengeth and peace be with you in jesus name, DONT GET DEPRESSED, ......... take it easy, sissy loves ya......these are the most glorious days we,ve all so long awaited with the coming of the times, not like we,s just arrived ya,lls and there are many things and many transitions, of different things, passing, but try as hard as you can to stay foucused and keep your eye on the ball, therefore ye will never miss it, most of all take care of ya......its easier for the heavens and earth to pass than one tittle of the law to fail
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