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Re: Official Title Confirmed For AB III Album!

words darker than their wings, reaching out already guys PRAISE JESUS, This Album was hard to title, even i myself set and complicated on it, i wanted to call it in jesus name, much to early Dawn, thanks for posting the updates, today was my sons BD, so i was busy, BLESSINGS AND STRENGETH, AND PEACE BE WITH THE NEW AB 3 IN JESUS NAME, once you call something for so long it just sticks like nicknames, AB III is perfect, im going stick to precious, precious precious, a lot of genunie hard rock n roll work is went to the album the labour the feel the perfection, of making a perfect record, all 14 tracks, can,t wait to get my hands on precious, ................ ROCK ON AB NATION, your so beautiful go out and buy lots and lots and lots of records PUSH IT TO NUMBER 1 lots and lots and lots,
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