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Re: The Official Creed Press/TV Thread


Quote: Where do you even begin with Creed?

Do you start with the nearly 35 million albums the band has sold worldwide? Or do you start with the dark tales of alcohol abuse and recovery, overexposure and hiatus that turned the band into a punch line for many fans?

For a current pulse, you have to turn to Scott Stapp, the man behind the deep and grungy voice that has won Grammys--and the man behind the reckless behavior that once put Creed in a murky light that no one enjoys.

After just a few minutes of chatting with Stapp, it's clear that Creed has entered a new chapter--a chapter beyond excess and alcohol and one that likely won't be the source of widespread mockery anytime soon.

And nothing symbolizes this latest chapter more than Stapp's new haircut.

"In the past, I put a lot of things in that hair where if a cop with a K-9 unit pulled me over then I would have been very afraid," said Stapp in a phone interview.

"I had to get rid of the whole mane. In late 2007, I felt that my wife wasn't talking to me and she wasn't looking at the person behind those eyes. I felt she was looking at, and still talking to, the person that was periodically under the influence. So, I went into the bathroom and shaved it all off.

"She said, 'What are you crazy?' We both looked at each other, and that moment really had an impact. It was a moment of passion between people that really loved each other."

In 2009, Creed reunited after a nearly five-year hiatus. The band released its aptly titled fourth studio album, "Full Circle," in late 2009.

In addition to welcoming a new album to Creed's discography, Stapp recently welcomed a new member to his very own family. On July 4, Stapp's wife, Jaclyn, gave birth to their third child, Daniel Issam Stapp.

"When I carry him around, he's just now getting to the point where he's putting it all together, like 'I guess this is Mommy and Daddy and they feed and change me,'" said Stapp.

"I whistle [musical] scales to him, and he loves that. When he cries, I whistle some scales to him and he stops crying. So, the vocal lessons have begun."

Creed will kick off its "20-10" tour in Nashville on Monday and will play Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow on Wednesday. The "20-10" tour means more to Creed than simply throwing a hyphen in the current year.

"Since 1997, it's always been important for us as a band to try and keep ticket prices down and merchandise prices down," said Stapp. " So for this tour we were able to get Live Nation and Ticketmaster on board so we could offer the first 2,010 fans at each show $20 tickets and $10 lawn seats. We hope other artists will look at this as a model and consider doing it, too."

In addition to a good bargain, fans can expect to see Stapp roll out on a custom Orphan chopper while guitarist Mark Tremonti rocks out on a custom FRET12 guitar during the band's "Moment of Thunder Tribute." The moment will honor America's fallen troops, and the motorcycle and guitar will both be given away to fans at the end of the year.

It seems these are just a few more ways Creed is showing the public that it truly has come "Full Circle."

"The biggest lesson I've learned over the years is a life lesson as well," said Stapp.

"And that is to appreciate every second, every minute, every hour, every moment, every experience, everything positive. In an instant it can all be gone."

One Nation. Indivisible.
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