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Re: Creed Fans Unite!

Actually, I think a lot of the Christian following left Creed after the 2002 performances. I lot of my friends (except those who only liked the first album), really didn't want to support Creed after their "clean" image was shattered. Scott Stapp later made it even worst with his drunken behavior...which did turn off a lot of his core fans.

That being said, it is all in the past. If you like the band and still like Scott Stapp, I would bet you will still go to the shows and buy the CD's.

If you didn't like them then, you are most likely not going to like them now.

I think the fans that stuck around are still supporting the band and not doing anything to hurt this band. Album sales are getting worse, a lot of people are still without jobs...thus, not buying albums....A ton of people are doing illegal downloads and not going to shows.

But hey, letís stay positive and thank Creed for putting music out there and touring for the true fans that buy their product and make it to their shows! Now get back to Washington State Creed so I can see you all again!
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