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Re: 1 word to describe how you feel

Quote: (Originally Posted by JulieCitySlicker) Like Crap!!!!!

I am in need of prayers! I woke up in the middle of the night last night with weird rashes on my lower abdominal area and with swollen knees, and then by the time I got up in the morning the rash had spread to my shoulders and arms, and my eyes, and top lip were swollen as well.
I went to the dr today and he thinks it's hives. Not sure how or why I would have gotten it. He gave me a perscription for prednisone and an antihistamine, and did a full panel blood test. I also had to have an ultrasound on my entire abdominal area because I have been having pains in my right abs. I should get the results back from everything by Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks and take care!!

HEY KERRI!!!! Long time no see
my julie girl will do there be so many bloody aches and pains hope you get to feeling better soon... loves ya...
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