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Re: God and Hell

probleams do in fact arise in our life and the word tells us for the elects sake these times of warfare will be shortned we cant change the world but we can stand and change our nation and bind the the things that holds up captive AMEN tommorow may become worse AFTER doing so BUT JESUS CHRIST PROMISES VICTORY the same today as it was yesterday always and forever For The Word Tells Us The Coming Of our Lord would be simliar to the days of noha and the ark And Lord Knows They Was Not The Many in these days it all comes down to our faith and still our preseverance BEHOLD He With Holdeth The waters they dry up also he sendeth theme out and they overturn the earth WITH HIM HIS IS STRENGTH And Many Get Confused Right About Here THE DECEIVED AND THE DECIVER ARE HIS He Leadeth Counsellors Away Spoiled And Makes Judges Fools The WORD OF GOD DOES NOT Contadict The WORD Ya,alls JESUS CHRIST IS THW WORD And These Words Instated There Will Come Time When You Will Become More Wise And The Time Of Spitrual Warfare And Unjust Reasons Was Rise Daniel Said It Was A Time Of Trouble The Word Tells Us In The Proverbs These Things To Tells Us THAT JESUS CHRIST Has Already Overcome DECEPTION And The Decivers Of Life STANDING is our preseverance ONE WAY ONE TRUTH ONE LIFE and as we pass through warfare And Hold On To The Precepts We KNOW Who Are Saviour Is The Word Tells Us No Man Can Serve To Masters and in these days we need to foucos on just that He Looseth The Bond Of Kings He Leads Princes Away Overthrows The Mighty He Removes Speach Of The Trusty AND TAKES Away The Understanding Of The Age He Pours Out Contempt And Weakens The Streneth Of The Mighty He discovers Deep Things Out Of Darkness And Brings Out The Light THE SHADOW OF THE VALLEY OF DEATH he maketh to lie down in green patures His Rod And Staff Comfort Us and quickly that rod becometh The Sword Of Truth For The Hopeless The Bondage Of Contempt And A Conflict ONLY ONE CAN Overcome And Put In Its Place For These Little Ones Sake PRAISE JESUS, BLESSINGS AND STRENETH Ya,alls AND PEACE BE WITH US IN ALL THINGS IN THE NAMES THATS ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS some lips will become numb and blue PRAISE JESUS Before Binding Our Adavasries IN JESUS NAME BUT He That Overcome All Things Is With Us Peace Love And The Good Tidings Of Salvation be with us all ITS OUR WORLD OUR NATION PRAISE JESUS blessings be with all PRAYING FOR YA thats took the time to read and try to understand
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