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Re: God and Hell

PRAISE JESUS AND GLORY TO GOD, MY JOY THAT FLOWS FROM WITHIN, ya,alls this is one of the longest teachings i,ve ever done. thanks to jason for having that boldness to share his revelations with us a lot of blessings and a lot of streneth without sharing there is bondage and sometimes well most the time i wont sugarcoat where there is opening confusion always follows and fuels the conflict but there is no need of understanding without confusion AND JESUS Even Left told us AND CLARIFIED AND ANWESERD THE QUESTION FOR US MY WORDS IS NOT THE AUTHER OF CONFUSION But Of Love And Understanding THE LAW Which Is JESUS CHRIST so hopefully In The Law Of Hope AND VICTORY for whats to come we are the hertiage of that understanding and the seeds of Abraham IN to fight this conflict that is old as time itself Its Why We Bind And Break THE STRONG MAN AND STONG HOLDS Because they are there for one reason to break to bind ya AND JESUS IS IN THE MIDST TO OVERCOME All that we Presuit ya,alls Ya,alls GOD Over Comes The The Rebelious Child And Reminds Thereof We Are Old Enough To Know Are Wants Will Not Hurt Us AMEN To Grow In Wisdom And Streneth The Word Tells When I Was A Child I spoke as one acted like one But When I Grew I Put Aside These Things THAT MAY BE TRUE But Only God Knows How Much Of The Child That Has Growed To Be Willing TO EXCEPT Our Faith As Little Children JESUS SPOKE THESE THINGS To Apply It In Our Faith Today The Beauty Of It Is We Can Grow In This Warfare And Be Prepared But Forget Not He That Spoken Once And Thats All It TAKES And Confirmed And Whashed Away Many Sorrows Many Times If we Become so wise TO NOT EXCEPT JESUS AS OUR OVERCOMER we do become as brass and as a symbal and Leave Only By the proverb and becometh wise vessels But Also Dying Ones
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