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Re: God and Hell

JESUS DID MORE FOR US Than Just Forgive Us Of Our Sins He Cloths DESOLATION He Feeds The Poor HE DELIVERS Those Sick In Spirt And Binds Up The Broken AND The Price Is Free For Those Who Are Will To Recieve AND EXCEPT Salvation, AND STANDING SOMETIMES You GOTTA STAND UP TO IT And Make It Known WHO IS LORD OF YOUR LIFE, [font="Arial Black"]The tabernackles Of robbers Prosper And They That Provoke God Are Secure Into Whose Hand God Brings Abudantly. And they shall teach thee and the fowls of the air and they shall teach thee or speak to the earth and shall teach thee and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee who knoweth not all these things the hand of the Lord Hath Wrought this In whose hand is the soul Of every Living Thing And The Breath Of All Man kind. DOTH Not The Ear Try Words And The Mouth Taste His Meat With The ANCIENT Is Wisdom And In Length Of Days UNDERSTANDING WITH Him Wisdom And Strength He Hath Counsel And Underrstanding BEHOLD He Breaketh Down And It Cant Be Bulit Up Again He Shuts Up A Man And There Can Be No Opening PRAISE JESUS We Know All These Things Be True Of his Conflict BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS Be Of Good Cheer And With The Tides OF SALVATION There Is A King AND HIS ONLY CRIME WAS LOVE And Said Unto Us BEFORE PRAISE YOU JESUS I Have Placed Before You An Open Door Knock And It Shall Be Open And Mercy And Love And Great Understanding Is JESUS CHRIST AND BEHOLD He Was Born into this conflict Even Then the Destroyers Flock Knew That THEY WERE IN TROUBLE GLORY TO GOD They Called Him MAJESY WONDERFULL SHILO AND JESUS IS HIS NAME, BLESSINGS AND STRENGETH Ya,alls AND PEACE BE WITH US IN THE NAME THATS ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS
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