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Re: God and Hell

job>11>13>20 GLORY TO GOD We No Justice There At Times Its Out Of Sight AND In No Wise Will Be Found Some Say Well This Is Unfair Or That Should Have Been Done Different THERE IS A NO WIN SITUTION I KNOW I CAN GET AMEN, The Reason Why i know in myself and in my Struggles Or most of you call it something i cant spell today I CALL It WARFARE And The Suffermeants Of Being Blessed With Knowlege, AND JESUS Granted Us WITH That Knowlege to know THE TRUTH THE WAY AND THE LIFE, IN HIM ALL Things Are Made Knew Again Sometimes ya,lls BLESSINGS Are A Rare Find BUT JESUS CHRIST Will Not Leave You Nor Forsake You In These Wars [font="Arial Black"]If Thou Prepare Thine Heart And stretch Out Thine Hand toward him If iniqutiy be in thine hands put it away In These Hours BITTERNESS Arises In All Things BUT Let It Not Consume You Let Not Wickdness dwell in the tabernacles even if it feels right in due season for then shall thy left up thy face PRAISE JESUS without spot yea thou Shall Be Steadfast AND SHALL NOT FEAR BECAUSE Thou Shalt Forget Thy Misery And Remembear It As The Waters That PASS THROUGH And Away That Forbears Us Ya,alls And Comforts Us,and thine age shall be clearer than noon day thou shalt be morning and thou shall be secure because there is hope yea thou shalt dig about thee and thou shall take rest in safter also thou shall lie down and none shall make the afraid, It Is Ya,lls A Working Progress But He That Dwells Will Overcome GLORY TO GOD BLESSINGS AND STRENGTH Ya,alls AND PEACE BE WITH US IN ALL THINGS IN THE NAME THATS ABOVE ALL OTHER NAMES IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS
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