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Re: God and Hell

PRAISE JESUSwe can proceed on this topic GLORY TO GOD as we recall of how all our battles was indeed won in those times of uncertanties that arise dark hopeless areas of constant warfare constant struugles and purgey it mau have been an addiction or of course spirtual warfare and the song of drunkards arised you may have heared things you may have seen things BUT EVEN IF it was Dim Then, AND if its still Dim Now Still Today THERE IS STILL ONLY ONE OVERCOMER SPEAKING AND SAVING LIFES TODAY AND Reiging ON THIS CONFLICTS PARADE, GOD AND HELL Lets Delight n The PRECEPTS PRAISE JESUS IF YOU Love The Law And Fighting Today We Know This Conflict sometimes FOR IT IS ALL WE KNOW And If You Know The Conflict YOU WILL INDEED KNOW WHO THE OVERCOMER Is As We Proceed Feel Free To Bring A Pillow or popcorn We are going to get into Job some and proverbs And So Forth AND Let Us Try In Jesus Name To hear And Incline WHAT the Word Is Teaching And who is bearing with you In these Times JESUS Christ King Of King And Lord Of Lords
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