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Re: God and Hell

Almighty Precious Lord Who Heavens Is Above The Heavens Who Shines Down Your Glory Unspeakble For Us When The Times become more than can we bear in our struggles You Are God The Only God Who Never Leaves Us Nor For Sakes Us In our time of need the struggle of he that dwells inside us overcame the world IN JESUS Name I PRAY AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN The Lord Knoweth The Life Of Everybody Who Are Sold Out To Him PRAISE JESUS He Does Prevail before i started to go into this teaching and how it came together i wanted to pray first GLORY TO GOD And how it come about GOD AND HELL Or GOD VRS THE DESTROYER Praise Jesus Its all the same. And How God Lead me to see this tricky bondage GLORY TO GOD i was doing a routine study one night for one of my sermouns or teachings you,ve of course read here when i for one ya,alls have got the word open and im reading something happens that normally so many will not understand because they have read the same chapter or the same verse of the bible and means something to theme that they will not turn from and there is block there that prevents anything else getting in other than being bored or confused And i was reading that night for a first time ever i was getting what i call bible block THEN I PRAYED IN JESUS NAME LORD What Is Going On Here And You Know What Ya,lls He Did AND This Teaching Was Born It Feels LORD It Just Feels A Blessing That Having This Can Be A Trial GLORY TO GOD But to turn around And help others consider it is a blessing i,ve passed it on to a few And Thanks To Jason HE MADE THAT FIRST STEP To Open So everybody Can Can Have A Chance read And hear it Some May Be Struggling Some May Be Headed it there BUT WE KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST KING OF KING AND LORD OF LORDS IS THE OVERCOMER
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