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Re: God and Hell

thank you so much for sharing And Thank Those Bearing With Us IN SPIRT AND AND TRUTH GLORY TO GOD and fighting the same warfare jason tell ya what and all ya,s im going to teach off your topic its a blessing and a wonderfull opening to get something i had planned to teach on THE Word Says My Brother we,ve like heared it long preached through out genrations mark>4>26 When Warfare Rages And Rises Against The Truth And God Army And Warriors Are Going Through This Battled HE SAID IF The Destroyer Rises Up Against Himself And He Be Divided He Cannot Stand But Hath End And Whats Going To Confirm That YOUR SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST KING OF KINGS AND LORDS OF LORDS It May Be Rough But Only Rough As It Has To Be He Said Unto Us All Crooked Paths Shall Be Made Smooth if you weigh this conflict YOU WILL Know JESUS [/font] IN HIM THAT HIDDEN POWER TO SAVE AND MAKE KNOW THAT POWER WHERE THE ROBBER AND STILLER CANT STILL NO MORE OF THE SAVING STRENGETH THAT BELONGS TO HIM BELONGS TO US Ya,lls THERE Was Only One Thats One WHO Was Called The Man Of Many Sorrows [font="Arial Black"]Blessings And Strengeth Ya,alls AND PEACE BE With Us In The Name Thats Above All Other Names In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Jason thank you again for opening this topic Truly
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