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Re: God and Hell

MY Brother That Was Killer Man this is why brother we fight the good fight and rage in warfare not see corruption but TRUTH PRAISE JESUS And Glory To God Once It Is Considred PRAISE JESUS IS Worth It this conflict is old and its been with Gods Army For Days Of Old There Songs Shines As Bright As The Stars Glory To God reminding us A Few Of Us May Still Be Here WHEN THE DUST SHALL INDEED PRAISE THEE Paul Wrote Brother I Rejoice In My Suffermeants And Became Waste So That The Truth Of The Power Of JESUS CHRIST May Be Known Through Out His People i 100 percent agree with what you said brother they are simply done away with blotted out never to be remembered or thought of again like you said brother now that still may not please some people people are burning and in tormeant forever GOD DOES,nt Operate That Way Never Has And Never Will.
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