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A Dream I Had Years Ago~PRAISE JESUS

AND HE SHALL CALLED BE WONDEFULL THE CORNERSTONE THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA yes indeed i call him all things and surley testify he gives water to the dry lands and is all to a hopeless tribes AND CLOTHS That Almighty Skirt Oh Around About Of Brokness he Back Sliders The Torn And Confused AND Cloths A Cloak Of WHITE PRAISE JESUS CALL ME GONE TODAY Under That Precious Reign GLORY TO GOD, JUST A Killer Teaching As Always Jason Dont Forget Me Lord Just Remembear A Sinner Nobody Is Beyond Prayer 100 percent agree brother in what you said you can spend a lifetime working for yourself working for your family so you can leave theme something when you pass on BUT WITHOUT GOD its All Emptiness Its All Vantiy MATT>6>32 In A Sacrificial Life Our Sacrafice TAKE My Life Oh Lord And Making It Your Living Sacrafice IN WHO SHALL WE FEAR If God Before Us Then No Man Shall Be Againts Us If It Seems That Way As In All Things Only For A Season AND IN DO THOSE SEASONS I ENCOURAGE ALL TO Happy In THE LORD Therefore Said The Lamb Brother PRAISE JESUS I Say Unto You Take No Thought For Your Life What Ye Shall Eat Or What Ye Shall Drink Nor Yet For Your Body What Ye Shall Put On It Is Not Life More Than Meat And The Body Rainmeant Behold The Fowls Of The Air They Sow Not Neither Do They Reap Yo Nor ather Into Barns Yest Our Heavenly Father Feeds Theme Are Ye Not Much Better Than They On Down To Verse 32 FOR AFTER ALL THESE THINGS Do The Gentiles Seek For Your Heavenly Father Knoweth That Ye Have Need Of All These Things BUT FIRST SEEK YE FIRST THE Kingdom Of God And His Righteousness And All These Things Shall Be Added On To You ya know we got many with so many different needs Some Of Us In Need Of Jobs Some Of GLORY TO GOD just In need Of All Things Brother BUT DOES THAT MAKE THE SAME SAVIOUR AND THE SAME SUPPLIER ANY DIFFRENT FROM ALL OF OUR WALKS THATS THE SAME I SAY NO He that Is Able To Save The Entire Body Is More Than Able To Supply All Those Needs For All Of Us We Indeed Walk By Faith And Not By Sight BLESSINGS AND STRENGETH Ya,alls AND PEACE BE WITH US IN THE NAMES THATS ABOVE ALL OVER NAMES IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AMEN AND AMEN AND AMEN ALL THINGS WERE SUBJECT YO UNDER HIS LAW AND HIS AUTHERTIY PRAISE JESUS
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