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Re: I have a question about Creed

I'm not sure... most likely 2008 because I remember him giving his testimony and performing at his church.

& Nagpo "Damned" isn't a curse unless you're using it in anger, much like a lot of words...that's why I believe Scott didn't use it that way. There are various definitions but here's a couple..

1 (in Christian belief) condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell : [as plural n. ] ( the damned) the spirits of the damned.

2 [ attrib. ] informal used for emphasis, esp. to express anger or frustration : it's none of your damned business | [as submodifier ] she's too damned arrogant.
• ( damnedest) used to emphasize the surprising nature of something : the damnedest thing I ever saw.

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