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Re: I have a question about Creed

Here's an explanation from back in the day from, this was in the "Creed FAQ"

"Why do we use GD in WTLF? First of all let me say that there was never an intention of cursing God. It was strictly an emotional response to a tragic situation of losing two friends to suicide. I know some of you live by the words of never taking the Lords name in vain, and I feel in my heart that there was never that intention. Some of you will never agree with my use of that word, and I respect your convictions. I guess this is between God and me, and my heart has no conviction for the use of this word because I feel God understood my situation. If some of you could look at the bigger picture in that song and not focus on the word, you would understand that it is a cry to lost, put in a way that they could understand." -- Scott Stapp

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