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Re: I have a question about Creed

IMO. the word "damned" in Overcome isn't meant as a curse... that's the official word in the album booklet but it's used in the Bible so I don't see Scott using it in the context of anger or in a way of cursing.
As far as WTLF... I don't really know why he chose to use GD, it's always been a cringe moment of the song for me. Even now since Scott has been saved and outspoken about being a Christian, I have no idea why he continues to use it because after all it's cursing God & using His name vein. The only excuse I can come up with is him adding "damned" to GD so it would convert the word into meaning that God is "damning" something... but anyway that's how I see it, I guess this is a question Scott needs to answer and explain himself.

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