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Re: they should move the release date back

Quote: (Originally Posted by creediscool17) you really think he died so his estate would pay off his debts? he had a soldout tour of 50 shows in london coming up... it was estimated that the first 10 shows would make him 50 million euro, which would more than pay off his debts. he would of ended up making somewhere around a billion dollars by the time it was all said and done with the tour, a movie, a new album, and etc.

don't make him into some sort of jesus figure who sacrificed himself for the greater good of his family... the dude died because he was very unhealthy and didn't take care of himself.

No-one is making him out to be a Jesus figure, he was far from perfect. But to be quite frankly honest, he did more for this planet and the people of it who were less fortunate than we are than a huge deal of people put together, and to me that deserves respect.

You're right, he was addicted to pain-killers for years but what killed him according to medical reports is a medication that should never have been removed from the hospital from which it came.

But what I was saying about our speculation that he faked his own death, from which we were half-serious, was that 50 dates for a man in his fifties, that no matter how fit he was coming up to them, and a man who had clearly been addicted to something since the mid-90's if anyone actually paid attention to his health rather than his trials, would have been far too much.

But as I said, it was just something I mentioned in passing, nothing to be taken so seriously.
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