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Re: I wish this forum was a bit more active

Quote: (Originally Posted by Steve) I was in the process of rebuilding the site to be updated however real life has stepped in and taken away my time. Haven't posted this anywhere yet but I just bought a house. Between work and getting ready to move into the house I have not had much time to work on this site

Icedmofo is exactly correct. The site was not updated for awhile, causing fewer people coming back. Traffic started picking up when Creed reunited however again because lack of updates I think people came to the site and left.

Hopefully things will pick up as I slowly update the site. If you, the members, would like to help, get your friends to come on the forums and post. The more people on the forums and the more active the forums become, the more likely it is that newbies will register and start posting.
Totally understand. Best of luck with everything, really looking forward to the updates & of course this site growing again...I'll do my best to keep spreading the word.

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