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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #2 - Tell Us Why You Love Creed!

My cousins introduced me to Creed back in 2000, and they cranked up the speakers in the car to blast out the songs on "Human Clay." I had never been much of a fan of music and especially a particular band at this point. I remembered listening to the songs and focusing on the words of the songs. I remember I suddenly had a peace in me I was drawn into the music and the words. Creed opened up my eyes to songwriting and an appreciation for band in their musicianship, and passion to connect with fans and in their music. I realized the words in their songs captured real moments of time and emotion they have felt but they can speak equally well in the lives of others. Following the "Weathered" album release I finally got to live out a dream and go to Nashville and see the band live on my birthday. I also was reading the headlines at the time of the struggles within the band, and was saddened the day I heard the guys had decided to split. I never thought I would see the day for them to reunite. My brother called me one day early this year to give me the news that "Creed was back!" I was ecstatic! My wife and I were married a little over a year ago and she always asked about my old Creed posters and things but I knew she had missed that part in my life when I had followed the band, and she really never understood how much their music meant to me until this year when the guys made up their differences and reunited. My wife saw that I really wanted to go see the band, and I had introduced my brother to Creed many years ago so she bought us tickets to see them in Cincinnati at the end of August this year. It was a dream that I thought I would never get to relive again! Creed opened up my eyes to solid rock musicianship and songs that everyone can relate to in their personal lives and make their own. Thank you Creed for continuing the journey!
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