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Re: CREEDFEED CONTEST #2 - Tell Us Why You Love Creed!

I can't describe or fully put into words what Creed means to me, but I'll tell a little bit here. I heard a video playing in a department store sometime in the fall of 97 and I didn't know where it was coming from. So I followed the haunting vocals to where I found the television that displayed the artist as Creed and the song and album was My Own Prison. The sound was stuck in my mind until I heard it again on another tv commercial a few days later. I bought the cd immediately and listened to it every day, basically all day long. My friends didn't get the same feeling as I did, so I would allow myself to explore other music when with them, but as soon as I left them I would go right back to my world of Creed. It's something about the way Creed records their music. The way that Stapp overlays the background vocals, as if he is singing as someone else. Then the secret undertones and whispers that seem so important. The way that Flip drives the song with Marshal pumping the heart. I didn't notice Tremonti at first, his presence was true perfection in a way that it was like Mark was part of Scotts lead. I noticed myself humming the guitar solos and it was like the sun started to shine from pitch black. I so wanted to go see one of their concerts, but I didn't. Then Human Clay was on the brink of release. Higher exploded. The new cd was out. I bought it the first day it was released. Their was an insert directing me to go to creednet. I visited the site. This was pretty much the first time I had seen what Creed looked like. They looked exactly like I had envisioned, which was a plus. I was awestruck by the artwork. I visited the bulletin board. Their was a life to it and it scared me. I didn't participate, but I was addicted to it. I found thru it bootlegs and b-sides that I didn't know existed. The b-sides of which I love far more than what I had heard on a released cd (as if that is possible). Thru the years I was going thru a lot emotionally. Drugs and Church had clouded my head. I knew what was right, but I did wrong. Creed somehow brought me back to reality. Their were sleepless nights that my mind raced fearing becoming my own person, I knew who I wanted to be, but years of browbeating would throw me back a step everytime. I related to the lyrics that seemed as if they were talking to (guiding) me, and somehow "normal" people didn't notice, and it made me feel normal too. I should note that seeing Creed 3 times has been a dream come true. I was in a trance from the minute the pyros went off and seeing the logo to the last group hug. Long story short, why do I love Creed? Because when I hear the music, first it gives me chills, then it hypnotizes me, then it puts me at ease and I have a feeling that the best is yet to come.
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